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We created a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world to help vendors get new loyal customers and drastically reduce their marketing costs.

Now you can take part by signing up as an Executive Partner. We give you everything you need to get started and succeed. The only thing you need to add is your effort and local knowledge about the best Vendors in your area..

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The Executive Partner package is designed for you to operate a very successful business without working too hard, and you can even benefit by referring others to become partners also. We designed it so you can manage this business in a few days per week - leaving you free to enjoy some fun, family or fitness time for yourself.

You can sign a maximum of 30 Vendors. You make money by supporting the Vendors and selling OGOGO Activation Cards to them. You can also sell the OGOGO Activation Cards directly to Members if you wish (and make more money per card).

You can earn ongoing commission credits, and we have plans for future exciting additional opportunities also.

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When you become an Executive Partner, we send you 1000 OGOGO Member Activation Cards (OMACs) and 4 Vendor Kits (VKs) to get you started. You also get access to the Sales App, and to our online training tools, Webinars and other material. You study up about our system, and you become an OGOGO Sales Partner - Marketing Consultant and can sign up a total of 30 Vendors.

You should make your initial investment back within weeks and be one your way to making regular cash sales, and then a recurring income stream, within a few months.

You can immediately sign Vendors (for $100 USD). Click here to see how easy this is and see the video you can play to Vendors that makes your job easy. You provide them 1 VK (value $1000 USD) which gets them started - this includes $200 worth of OMACs for them to sell (meaning they make money - not lose it). You coach them on the way they can gain new customers and increase loyalty (there are 4 initial deal types and tools, and more coming soon) and teach them how to sell the 20 free OMACs included in their Vendor Kit.

When they run out of cards they contact you to purchase more OMACs from you at $5 USD each.

You purchase additional OMACs using the Sales App for $2 USD each.

You purchase from the Partner who referred you, or direct from theGcard, or if needed you may be able to purchase from other Partners in your area or a City Partner if there is one near you.

If you purchase larger amounts of OMACs you get volume discounts.

You also purchase additional VKs through the Sales App. There are two types available - the more impressive “Leather” kits that include the “G” Headset for $50 USD, and the easier to carry “Envelope” Kit that costs $30 USD.

You pay for the items using your credits in the App (your “Gcard Account”). If you do not have sufficient funds you can top-up using a credit card or paypal at anytime.

When you receive the VKs and OMACs you scan them into your inventory (on your App) using a QR code. When you sell to your Vendors you scan the items out and your Vendor scans them in when you meet up and deliver. Your Inventory is immediately updated each time so you know what you have available to sell.

Your Vendors can message you, and place orders to you (or they can just call you) within the App.

You visit your Vendors at least once per month. During this visit you coach them on how to make the best deals, particularly the Gold and Silver Deals that help them get new customers from the OGOGO Membership, and you give them 10 OMACs. They pay you $50 USD, you record this in the system which allows them to continue making the Gold and Silver Deals, and using the Weekly Messaging function for all the customers that they have sold OMACs to. If you are not sure how to coach or help your Vendors, you will find ideas and tools within the Sales App, or on our website, or when you join in Training and Webinars, or you can speak with your referring Partner. We have access to “Deal” information for all types of Vendors from all around the world.

The Sales App shows you all your sales and Vendors, manages your Inventory and orders, and you can also find training and ideas for your Vendors in it.

You also get access to your own website dashboard (sales.thegcard.com) using the same user name and password you use for your App.

You also earn commissions when Members Upgrade and pay theGcard $10 or $20 per month. You earn $4 for every Member that pays $10 per months and $8 credits for every Member that pays $20 per month. These credits appear as cash in your App at the end of each month.

You can use the cash in your account to purchase OMACs and VKs directly from theGcard.

Or you can make a cash withdrawal once per month to any bank account in the world (provided it is in your name).

You will also be able to make other purchases and activities in the future.

The major benefit to operating as an Executive Partner is that you can refer other people to become Partners. You coach them, you sell OMACs and VKs to them (other than their initial package which must come from theGcard directly). You will help teach them how to be a Marketing Consultant (and they also have access to the training and webinars etc).

When you do this, and they earn their 40% commission (the $4 and $8 from Member Upgrades), you will get 10% of the Member Upgrades or $1/$2 per Member Upgrade. Per Month. This appears in your App with your own commissions and is used/withdrawn the same way.

For the cost of operating and managing the Apps and support system, there is a $20 USD Maintenance fee to be paid each month. This is automatically taken out of your Gcard account each month, but does not commence until you receive your first commission credits.

Note - if you purchase the upgrade ($99 USD) at the time of purchasing your Executive Partner Package, the Maintenance fee is waived forever. You will also never have to pay for any of the Training we provide (some of which is chargeable) so long as you remain active. This offer is only available during the initial launch period of theGcard business.

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