If you are ready…

We distribute cards via partners to vendors and then vendors to customers. We delayed our January launch to avoid spreading the virus! Working overtime our team created a new and safe virtual way with even better compensation for you.

This is your opportunity to create immediate income and build a successful business.

Businesses are struggling and looking for new ways to attract and keep customers.

So we created a mobile application for the vendors to offer a loyalty discount and other tools to reach new customers. We are currently donating our $10 app activation fees to charity. $4 to the TGC Fund, $5 to a local charity or struggling vendor, and $1 to you for promoting the cause. You and the vendor win and support charity!

You can sign up to 10 Vendors with our Brand Partner package. Vendors select a charity from our list or reach out to a local charity they would like to support.

The charity and the vendor reach out through social media. Customers can donate $10 to save at all our participating vendors worldwide (forever).

You get $1 for every membership sold after the first 100!

We are even dropping the Vendors’ sign-up fee during social distancing. It should be very easy for you to find vendors!

When business gets back to normal, their members will see the benefits of upgrading and you get a 40% commission in monthly recurring revenue.

An incredible opportunity!

We are looking for entrepreneurs around the world wanting a new income stream. We are temporarily and massively discounting the Brand Partner package to help you get going! You can start earning money immediately.

This is what our OGOGO activation cards look like, but you can get started using our Virtual card model right now.

Easy for you and free for the Vendor! They will be happy to pay you $97 to upgrade and $50 per month for you to come by and help them make the most of the system. (You keep all of it!)

Introduce our platform to vendors or charities in your area. We supply you with the tools and training needed to build a successful business. Our platform usage fees are just $20 per month plus 5% of your monthly commissions.

*We do not start charging you until after you are profitable. We win when you win!

Do you have OGOGO points?

Our awareness campaign last year called

I Know the CEO” reached 55,000 people in over 160 countries.

Points generated during this campaign
can be used to purchase your package.


Ready now?...

Videos and downloads

Click here to see a video about theGcard business.

Click here to see a video about a typical sales day once we move to the post C19 world.

Click here to see how easy it is to sign a new Vendor.

Click here to download a pdf explaining the earning potential.
Click here to download and see the details of what a Vendor gets.
Click here to download a presentation of the business process.
Click here to register for webinar and find out more.