Our Vision for You

We created a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world to help vendors get new loyal customers and drastically reduce their marketing costs.

Customers get discounts globally and previously impossible deals. We do this with an innovative app that redirects the vendors marketing dollars into free or discounted products used to attract their preferred customers.

We aim to change how marketing is done forever and create substantial and ongoing profits for our partners.

Our vision is to have you partner and succeed with us! We provide you all the tools you need to get started as a Marketing Consultant for SME’s in your area. Our system should generate a rapid return on your investment, create a regular monthly cash income, and build an ongoing recurring income stream for you. All you need to add is your time and local knowledge.

Start your new career

4 Ways to Make Money

Sign Vendors

The primary and smartest way to make money operating your new business!

You find a shop (retail products or services) that does something special. You provide them with a way to:

1. Get new customers
2. Increase Customer Loyalty
3. Make some extra cash sales
4. Be part of a world-wide network
5. Have their own mobile phone app

They pay you $100 USD, and you give them $1000 worth of value in the Vendor Kit.

You load them onto the app and they are displayed on the OGOGO map forever

You help them make their first set of deals and coach them on all the ways they can benefit using OGOGO

You visit them once per month (or more) and they pay you $50 for you to be their Marketing Consultant and help them keep making great deals and communicating with their customers


Once you sign up a Vendor (or more), you supply them with OGOGO Member Activation Cards whenever they run out.

You purchase them from your supplier or from theGcard directly The Vendor gets great benefit by selling the OMACs to their customers, so they want to do this and do it fast!

You can also sell OMACs directly to anyone anywhere anytime. You make more money this way.

We also provide access to the “CANDY” system, which helps you let other people sell OMACs for you, and at the same time make great income for themselves

You also get a great commission when the OMACs you sell get upgraded by the Member paid every month into your OGOGO account and withdrawable monthly anywhere in the world

Sell Black Card Deals

This is a way you can sell real targeted advertising to virtually any type of business.

The ads are presented to OGOGO Members once per day in the App in a fun and tempting way that makes our Members want to see what they are getting today

The buyer can choose from 4 payment methods that range from simple low cost impressions to only paying when a Member has actually made use of the advertising offer. Actual meaningful and effective advertising at last.

You get a great commission whichever way they choose to pay.

Refer Other Partners

We are looking for more people like you that need an extra income or want to start their own lucrative business

If you help us find these people, you earn a commission each time they earn a commission.

You provide the introduction, some coaching and help supply them with OMACs and generate more and more income for yourself

There are other lucrative ways to make money as a Partner within theGcard business, so ask us today. Be first this time!

How much can you make?

As a Marketing Consultant Partner with OGOGO, you can earn a great income/profit from your own business. Obviously not everyone will have the same level of success, although we believe that anyone should be able to get started quickly with some success. As with anything in life, more effort results in more success (our lawyers told us we have to put that part in).
Learn more. . .
You can download the attached PDF that shows how much you can make in $US based on signing up 10 new Vendors per month, who each sell 50 OGOGO Member Activation Cards to their customers per month. This means that after 3 months you have reached your maximum number of Vendors. In the example we use 100% of all of these members later paying the $10 per month Upgrade Fee, which results in $4 per month for the OGOGO Marketing Consultant. We also assume you will find 4 other people who want to join and do the same as you, with the same success rates. This results in $US xxx,xxx for you over 1 year, and this increases in future years provided you keep supporting your 30 Vendors by coaching them to make great deals using OGOGO.

If you would like to think about other scenarios with more or less Vendors, or those Vendors selling more or less OMACs each month, or more or less Members paying Upgrade fees, please download the calculation tool we have provided and adjust the numbers as shown inside. Obviously, they will be your predictions, so please don't try to hold us responsible if they don't work out, but we are confident you will start to grasp the full life changing opportunity that OGOGO provides to our Partners around the world

Business-in-a-Box Opportunities


Sales Partner Package $900

NOW $297

  • 100 activation cards (retail $1,000)
  • Kit (retails for $100)
  • (5 vendor limit)


Looking to create some extra spending cash by selling cards to a few vendors and people you meet? When customers upgrade you get points to be used to order more cards to grow your business!


Executive Partner Package $5,000

NOW $3,000

  • 1000 activation cards (retails for $10,000)
  • 4 kits (retail $400)
  • (30 vendor limit)

Help others build their businesses. Collect 40% on your members’ fees and 25% of what your friends make.

Potential of $8000 per month, plus the extra revenue you get from your friends’ businesses.


City Partner Package $75,000

NOW $50,000

  • 25,000 cards (retail $250,000)
  • Authorized to sell cards, kits, packages and support local Vendors.
  • We need central distributors in cities around the world to support our valued Partners.

Contact us to discuss this lucrative opportunity.


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