Our Vision

To help small and medium-sized businesses enhance customer loyalty, acquire new customers and reduce their marketing costs. For our Members to receive exclusive deals and lifetime discounts at their favorite Vendors.

For our international Partners to run their own highly profitable and rewarding business working minimal hours.

* During the CV-19 Phase we will enable Vendors to sell Virtual Member activation cards and Partners will receive
$1 per card purchased.


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Business-in-a-Box Opportunities

Sales Partner Package (Coming Soon)


  • 100 OGOGO activation cards (retail value $1000)
  • 1 OGOGO sales kit (retail value $100)
  • 5 vendor limit (register up to 5 vendors)

This package is designed for someone perhaps studying and looking to create some extra spending cash by selling cards to a few vendors and people they meet. When people who buy these cards upgrade to the monthly service, you will be rewarded with points, which can be used to order more cards to sell and continue growing your business.

Executive Partner Package (Coming Soon)


  • 1000 OGOGO activation cards (retail value $10,000)
  • 4 OGOGO sales kits (retail value $400)
  • 30 vendor limit (register up to 30 vendors)

This package is for someone that would like to support others and profit from helping them build their businesses by simply providing them cards. You get 40% of the revenue on all your upgraded monthly members’ fees and 10% of people joining your friends' businesses.

With the 1000 starter cards alone that is a potential of $8000 per month, plus the extra revenue you get from your friends’ businesses.


City Partner Package (Available Now)


  • 25,000 OGOGO activation cards (retail value $250,000)
  • Authorised to sell OGOGO cards, kits and packages
  • Provide support to local Vendors and Salespeople

We also need central distributors in cities around the world to train and support our valued Vendors and Salespeople by supplying cards, kits and packages. This is an incredibly lucrative business opportunity, and we can contact you directly to discuss further and provide more details.

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